All of my favorite things!

I have a few non negotiable MUST haves in my vanity and a few FAV-haves as well! I feel it is my duty as women to share them with you, because when you find the perfect lip gloss, foundation or mascara you have to share that news with your girl friends, right?!

I have 3 MUST-haves that I put on before I leave the house, Lips, Lashes and Brows! What are yours?


First up is EPIC MASCARA! Oh em gee! Finding the perfect mascara is about impossible, is it not? Or is that just a problem I endure? Well listen up my friend, I put this wand to the test and it passed my very high expectations! It is tear proof, smudge proof, rain proof, water resistant and even holds up through a hella sweaty workout! GIRL, YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT! 

Oh, and it washes off easily with our cleansers, my favorite is the Pour Purifying Cleanser! >>> We back everything up with a love it guarantee so you really have nothing to lose! And at $24 is it worth it? Ummm, hell yeah, every penny!!!! I’m serious, get some and try it, you will not be disappointed!

My friends love it too!

Fun fact: epic mascara lasted me about 4.5 months with 1/2 coats a day.-Shelby B.


Get EPIC MASCARA and see for yourself!

Ok, Let’s talk Lip Gloss! Lip gloss is my nemesis. Finding the perfect one is like mining for the Hope Diamond. It is almost embarrassing to admit how many I have bought just to toss days later. BUT there is hope and it is the LUCRATIVE LIP GLOSS!


They (Younique) NAILED it with this line! These are so perfect I don’t know if I can even put it into words! They are smooth, long wearing, creamy and shimmery. They currently have 10 colors to chose from, all of them are beautiful and fitting for your favorite color theme. Best of all they are Unscented! Hallelujah! You have to try Lucrative Lip Gloss!

Last MUST have is Brows!

Brows are the fine line between looking like a normal human and looking like a zombie!  LOL, no really though!

y selie hot mess express

Hahaha, In all seriousness though. Brows are the finishing touch to even a *No Makeup* day, sounds Back-Asswards, I know! I am obsessed with the MOONSTRUCK BROW OBSESSION PALLET though! It is like brow sculpting for dummies! It has everything you need, all in one place. Brow color, high lighter, shadow base and even brow wax for the unruly hairs!


Now onto my FAV-haves!

First is the Quad Pallet. For R E A L, where has this been my whole life? It is THE best thing since sliced bread, I am serious! I can not count the shadow pallets I have tossed after my favorite color ran out but the other 6 to 10 colors were unused! Ugh, can ya feel me on that?


Here is an example of one of my FAVORITE rose gold combos! It is so perfect….

FYI if you want to know how to get everything you see in my hand (Quad pallet, Epic Mascara and a Splurge Cream Shadow!) in the above photo, totally FREE….read I HAVE MY ULTIMATE EYE ON YOU, and learn about the 2018 Presenter kit for gorgeous eyes! It is pretty much the perfect set of tools to get you started!


Next Favorite is our TOUCH mineral foundations! I could go on for paragraphs about this but I will keep it to bullet points to save you time.

  • It is actually FULL coverage Mineral makeup. FINALLY!
  • It nourishes your skin as you wear it.
  • It comes in a cream pallet, a liquid dropper and a pressed powder pallet.
  • It is organic, odorless and hypoallergenic. Thank the Lord!
  • It blends smooth and flawlessly.
  • It has a color matching Skin Perfecting Concealer for “Photo finish” coverage.

I could go on and on….


For me and my extremely uneven skin tone, sun spots and thin rutty skin, it is a dream come true for foundation! TOUCH LIQUID and the Skin Perfecting Concealer are my favorite, but I have them all and use them, depending on the day and application I want.


Ok Finally, when you don’t have time for all the fuss but you want a quick clean face….SHINE WIPES are the shizamanizzle!

Aside from all of our skin care line that is AMAZING{READ my post about *Removing decades in weeks!* using the ROYALTY skin care line} Shine Wipes are the ‘get in, get it done, and get out’ wipes like no other…and I have tried them all! SHINE WIPES are just….better!

All new presenters get a free pack of shine wipes from me as a gratitude gift! There is NO obligation to sell makeup, do videos or take selfies! LOL! Read my 2018 looks Be-YOU-ty FULL post to learn all about enrolling as a presenter!

Thank you for letting me share all of my favorite things with you! Follow me on Facebook  and reach out to me anytime!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Kris 🙂

I have my *Ultimate Eye* on you!

When you know, you just KNOW! I have fallen IN LOVE and have to share it with the world! Because when it’s right , it’s just right!

y pallette would you wear?

This arrangement of eye shadow colors is soft, elegant and just simply gorgeous!!!


This custom pallete just happens to be in the 2018 Younique presenter kit, sooo I MUST share this with you! What is a Presenter kit? I am SO glad you asked! I’ll get to that just after I share with you that an incredible assortment of brushes is also included,

Y brushes

along with 2 different mascaras (For two different finished looks), y whip lash 3d fiber seteye primer (a MUST HAVE!),

y eye primera delicious cream shadow “Fathful”

631b0a62-c0d1-4b81-a61e-1094f0b2c3b9.pngAND  several other items which I will include further!

But first, let’s talk about “What is a Presenter kit?”

So let’s dive into some details about enrolling as a presenter with this BEAUTIFUL collection of makeup! A PRESENTER KIT is a hand selected collection of our best products of the year packed together and offered at a RIDICULOUS value exclusively for those who enroll to purchase as a “presenter” instead of buying it as a retail customer. It’s like a BIG sampler platter!

Wait, I bet you’re thinking “I don’t want to sell makeup”, “I don’t want to take selfies”, “I am NOT making videos!” Ha ha, thats great because no one is asking or expecting you to!

  • You do NOT have to sell make up, take selfies, share tips, make videos, create a web page or even ever tell anyone you USE our products! lol
  • You never have to pay a “business fee” to become your own best customer. You can be a fan of the products, get the presenter cost, rewards and purchase kick backs and never sell a THING!
  • You can get the insider scoop on new products and first dibs at getting them. Cool, right ?!?

ok, MAYBE you DO want to share your love of make up, take cute selfies and do fun videos? COOL lets talk about that…

All presenters get PAID to play with makeup! You OWN your own online makeup boutique business and get to choose to EITHER earn enough to pay for more products for yourself or dive in big and go ALL IN to build and EMPIRE, the choice is yours! Do me a favor and WATCH this super short 5 minute video that really explains the nuts and bolts of how that works. (FYI, still no fees or quotas!) Just WATCH VIDEO!!! Do it girl!

Sharing Make up is empowering, fun, fulfilling and it always ends with you looking pretty darn FABULOUS!

y 5 picture selfie


Ok, back to the 2018 ULTIMATE EYE presenter kit.

What all comes in it? Let’s go over that now. 🙂


Ultimate Eye Younique Presenter Kit:
Moonstruck 3D Fiber lash, and Lash Enhancer.
Moonstruck Epic Mascara.
Moonstruck Esteem Lash serum.
Moonstruck Precision eyeliner – Perfect.
Moonstruck pressed shadow quad palette – Agile, Antsy, Optomistic, Slick.
Moonstruck Splurge cream shadow (My FAV!) – Faithful
Younique Lash/brow comb.
Younique deluxe eye brush.
Younique liner/shader brush.
Younique cream shadow brush.
Younique blending brush.
Younique angled shadow/sponge brush.
Younique crease brush.
Younique Royalty skin care mask sampler – 2 exfoliating, 2 detoxing, 2 oil control.
Younique business White satus charm, business card, product cards, promotional cards, catalog, and more!
Younique Faux leather purple makeup bag. (It is beautiful btw.)
All of this is a $347 VALUE for only $99!
With your kit you will get a 14 day LOVE IT guarantee and a special thank you card and gift from me as your sponsoring presenter! love it

SOOOOO, are you ready to look fabulous and give this amazing collection a try?

TO ENROLL as a 2018 presenter with this kit click >>> HERE.


Wether you enroll with this kit for personal use or to join my team as a makeup entrepreneur I would be honored to partner with you in looking your most fabulous self!

y be YOU

~ Be your own kind of Be-YOU-tiful! ~


Kris 🙂


Removing decades, in weeks.

Sounds crazy…I KNOW!


Can you believe these pictures are only over a period of about 6 weeks total. Crazy how much my complexion has improved! Unbelievable really, considering I have used some pretty high end skin correctors in the past!

I originally bought the starter makeup kit for THE makeup, but it came with skin care items included so I figure, what the heck!?! After just 1 week of use I liked the feel of my skin and my texture was rapidly changing! It was getting smoother and my dark age spots were diminishing.

So, I took the plunge and invested in a few other of their healthy skin care items. The Exfoliating Mask has really been my favorite and the ONE product that has really done the most “erasing” of the dark spots!

I started using the Night-time Correcting Cream every night and noticed a BIG change right away to the surface lines and the overall hydration of my skin! I am also very sensitive to most beauty and skin care products so I am very careful with what I put my trust into, and I hate to waste money on products I have to throw out because they either don’t work as promised or they breakout my skin with rashes.

BTW, I am still using it and continuing to see MORE improvement, I will add updates to my photos comparisons soon!

Trust me, I have tried about every anti-aging product you could name, spent a small fortune on promised results that never came and yes, even those ones all your social media friends talk about. (You know the one)

I found with Younique skin care line I have a top QUALITY product that actually WORKS at a price point I am ok with spending, especially if it delivers the results I am looking for. And, as you can see, it does!

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 5.54.50 PM

They also have a pretty incredible makeup line! Flawless looking, beautifully blended makeup really BEGINS with great skin! Even if you have 40+ years of sun, scars, lines and a few decades of scrupulous lifestyle choices (LIKE I DID! lol!) You can still look amazing and bring out your best features without looking “cakey” or needed a TON of product to cover up an uneven tone!


It literally only takes a few drops to get a great coverage, which in turn SAVES me money!   In ALL ABOUT THAT BASE! I share about my two FAVORITE foundation combinations: The TOUCH Liquid Mineral Foundation and the TOUCH Skin Perfecting Concealer. These are LIFE! (Really! I am dead serious!)

If you haven’t joined on Facebook Be-YOU-ty group here is a link to JOIN and lets get to know each other more! I share by best tips and skin care practices and really like to dig into what you need for your specific situation or desired look. 🙂

Buying each of Younique Skin care line items individially is an option and if you were to start with any I would start with these 3:

Pore Purifying Cleanser  A cooling gel wash with massaging, exfoliating jojoba beads and special blend of nourishing vitamins. Created for normal-to-oily skin.


Exfoliating Mask A gentle yet effective blend of proprietary ingredients combines to cleanse impurities that can dampen your glow. After ten days of recommended use, 90% of individuals said their skin looked significantly renewed and fresher. Unmask your natural vibrancy and keep your skin glowing strong.


Night-time Correcting Cream Make your beauty sleep count with a velvety night cream that helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whey protein improves the appearance of your skin’s firmness while a vitamin A derivative hydrates and moisturizes skin.


Starting with these basics WILL give you results right away! You’ll see! ALL three items listed total $137 and you will get free shipping, an exclusive gratitude welcome gift from me and become part of  valued customer circle. Which all sounds great BUT…. wouldn’t be AWESOME to get the most BANG for your buck?!? I am always finding ways to stretch my dollars as FAR as I can without compromising on quality!

In 2018 Younique has bundled together the 3 items I have listed ALONG WITH several other of our incredible skin care items, including our lash serum! It’s called the Presenter kit collection! And it’s ONLY $99 <——



A Bundle worth $330 but it’s ONLY $99 for you!  Let me make sure you understand that enrolling as a Presenter does NOT mean you have to sell the product, there is NO monthly OR yearly fees and there is a “Love it” GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with any product!

You LITERALLY with have everything you need from start to finish, morning to evening to DRAMATICALLY heal and improve your skin, taking YEARS off, and revealing incredible radiance! All for one bundle price of $99! That’s INSANE! When was you left the name brand beauty stores with even close to that for that amount of money? Me, never!

To learn more about enrolling as a presenter see last weeks POST, 2018 Looks Be-YOU-Ty Full! It thoroughly explains the opportunity and has a small glimpse into my personal journey with Younique. 🙂

Ok are you ready, really READY to dramatically change the texture and feel of your skin, take decades of “wear and tear” off and reveal the beautiful YOU trapped under the surface? Then girl, Let’s DO IT for you! Get ENROLLED and get started erasing the past and revealing a new AMAZNG looking you!

ENROLL NOW! I PROMISE you will not regret it!

Kris 🙂

~You are not beautiful like her, you are beautiful like you!~

2018 looks Be.YOU.ty full!

be you

As a Younique Presenter, I’m afforded the freedom and luxury of being able to work from wherever and whenever I choose. And as your personal Presenter, it is my absolute joy to help you find the Younique products that are the perfect match for you. Whether you need a liquid or powder foundation, longer lashes, or a personalized skincare regimen, I know you’ll fall in love with something in these pages. Please contact me if you have any questions. Be beautiful! Be you! Be Younique!


Kristina Christopherson
Pink Status Presenter

As a new presenter myself I really appreciated the value in the presenter kits! So much comes in the $99 “business in a bag”, and a cool bag it is!

Let me clear up one thing though, you DO NOT have to become the neighborhood “make-up” gal to take advantage of a presenter kit, you can nab one up because you LOVE getting the most bang for your buck. (Which was kinda how I originally tried Younique products myself) I have plenty of friends who swiped up these presenter kits for thier own person use, and that is awesome for them!

Don’t get me wrong though, this is also an incredible opportunity to start your very own business! Sounds crazy, I know! But did you know that the only business you NEVER have to worry about getting laid off from, fired, demoted or pay decreased is one that you own! YOU become a business partner WITH Younique when you enroll! It is similar to becoming one of the company “owners” and YOU get complete control how you run your “piece of the pie”.

WATCH this short video as I share more of my personal success with the business in just a short time!

Being a presenter is SO MUCH fun! I use social media to share my results and techniques I learn along the way. People buy from me and some enroll as presenters themselves!

fb sharing

The best part of all I get to make legit REAL income from home! Home is truly where I want to be. I spent 2 decades away from home running a store front business and it was exhausting! I was warn out, stressed out and not living life in alignment with where my heart really wanted to be! HOME.

Where the is a why, there is a way!

work from home

Direct sales is the highest profiting type of business for an entrepreneur because there is NO overhead cost, no advertising needed and no website designer expense, Younique already did that for you! YOU just share your love of the products and your business link with your friends and they order straight from your website, you never have to buy stock, carry inventory and no sorting and delivery of goods, HALLELUJAH! ~Business made easy!~

work from home 1

The cool thing about being an entrepreneur is you are truly your own boss! TOTAL freedom and flexibilty to do life YOUR way! And that FIRES ME UP! Does that fire you up too?

“I love Younique’s products! They’re not only high-quality, and feel good on your skin, but they can also help you feel great about yourself. I love seeing someone discover how our Mineral Pigments, 3D Fiber Lashes, or Lip Glosses can enhance your natural beauty and make you look stunning!”

Christy Clifton Independent Younique Presenter




We have 2 Presenter bag options, let me break them both down for you!


OPTION #1Ultimate Eye Younique Presenter Kit ENROLL HERE 

It contains:

  • Moonstruck 3D Fiber lash, and Lash Enhancer.
  • Moonstruck Epic Mascara.
  • Moonstruck Esteem Lash serum.
  • Moonstruck Precision eyeliner – Perfect.
  • Moonstruck pressed shadow quad palette – Agile, Antsy, Optomistic, Slick.
  • Moonstruck Splurge cream shadow (My FAV!) – Faithful
  • Younique Lash/brow comb.
  • Younique deluxe eye brush.
  • Younique liner/shader brush.
  • Younique cream shadow brush.
  • Younique blending brush.
  • Younique angled shadow/sponge brush.
  • Younique crease brush.
  • Younique Royalty skin care mask sampler – 2 exfoliating, 2 detoxing, 2 oil control.
  • Younique business White satus charm, business card, product cards, promotional cards, catalog, and more!
  • Younique Faux leather purple makeup bag. (It is beautiful btw.)

All of this is a $347 VALUE for only $99!

With your kit you will get a 14 day LOVE IT guarantee and a special thank you card and gift from me as your sponsoring presenter! 🙂

TO ENROLL as a 2018 presenter with this kit click HERE.


OPTION #2Ultimate Skin Younique Presenter Kit ENROLL HERE 

FFCCDD4C-29D9-4451-89FA-7FF89ADAE3AEIt contains:

  • Younique rose water spritzer.
  • Uplift beauty serum.
  • Moonstruck esteem lash serum.
  • Younique royalty pore purifying cleanser.
  • Younique hydrating day cream.
  • Younique royalty exfoliating mask.
  •  Younique royalty oil control mask.
  • Younique applicator.
  • Mask sampler pack of 6
  • Younique business White satus charm, business card, product cards, promotional cards, catalog, and more!
  • Younique Faux leather purple makeup bag. (Again, It is b e a u t i f u l ! )

All of this is a $330 VALUE for only $99!

With your kit you will also get a 14 day LOVE IT guarantee and a special thank you card and gift from me as your sponsoring presenter! 🙂

TO ENROLL as a 2018 presenter with this kit click HERE.

I originally signed up to be a Younique Presenter to supplement my husband’s income and to do something I would enjoy, but I also love belonging to a team of women who are simply trying to help other women feel and look beautiful!

Melissa Rydman Independent Younique Presenter

If you are not sure if these kits are the right place for you to start feel free to start small and try ONE item at a time. These are two of my MUST HAVE items! Our Long wearing Moonstruck Lucrative Lip gloss and/or Moonstruck Epic Mascara  they will NOT disappoint you!


WE HAVE A 14 DAY LOVE IT GUARANTEE because we are so confident you WILL love your makeup!

love it

I can not say enough about foundations both our mineral powders and the liquids! As I have gotten older I need more coverage. Hello 40’s. ok LATE forties! 😦

Check out this flawless finish!


My go-to, MUST have, can not LIVE without product is the TOUCH mineral liquid foundation and mineral skin perfecting concealer! It erases years of scars, blemishes and fine lines. It’s like photoshop in a bottle! Foundation BUY IT GIRL!

Touch liquid foundation

Concealer BUY IT GIRL!

Touch liquid skin prefect


Don’t worry if you’re not old like me we have lighter sheer finish tinted moisturizers and light weight mineral powders as well. It really is worth the time to do some window shopping. WINDOW SHOP HERE

Just remember…enrolling as a presenter FIRST will SAVE you so much in the long run! You can buy from your own corporate provided website, earn money back on your own purchased and collect rewards for Y Cash (Free spending money) and HALF off vouchers! CRAZY right?!? And all of that’s without selling a single item to anyone else! IMAGINE the rewards from sharing it with others! My VIDEO explains more about that!

~Aint nothing wrong with a little side hustle!~ Its fun and fulfilling.

Lastly, I want to leave you with this thought; Are you living a life that makes you happy? Are you confident in your own skin, do you feel pretty, worthy, enough? Is your current circle of influence one that lifts you up, inspires you, motivates you? Do you wake up passionate every day about life, your goals, your DREAMS?

What IF you could grab life by the *you know what’s* and run with it? Do anything you want, any time you want and have total freedom and flexibility both in how you spend your time, but also financially! Think about that…


Thank you and Bless you!

Kris 🙂

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All about that base!


The reality of it is that the sun damage has already been done. Aside from continuing to take good care of my skin and eat healthy the splotches and scars will never go away. Expensive cosmetic surgery might minimize but only short term and with no gaurantee.

In comes Younique cosmetics! We have lovey sheer coverage foundations and mineral powders but I REALLY love the “photoshopped” finish I get with the Touch liquid concealer and Foundation, then a final top layer of Touch mineral powder to set everything FLAWLESSLY before I begin my finish look for the day!

I am all about the base layer first, a flawless canvas to work from to flaunt any look!

My steps to today’s look:

Rosewater Spritz.

Royalty Day cream.

Touch liquid concealer under eyes.

Glorious primer for face.

Touch liquid foundation mixed with concealer on entire face and neck.

Touch pressed mineral powder to set.

Moostruck lip liner in Pouty.

Lucrative lip gloss in Lovable.

Brow obsession pallet in Dark Brunette.

Beachfront bronzer contouring.

a’la mode luminizer on cheeks in Benevolent.

Moonstruck pressed blusher on cheeks in Stunning.

Epic mascara.

Moonstruck Eye Primer.

Splurge cream shadow: Victorious, Bittersweet, and Faithful. Corner and under eye pressed shadow Marvelous.

Seal and set everything to finish with Behold setting spray.


Visit my virtual store:


Before you go…let’s keep in contact!

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JOIN my 💋Be•YOU•ty💋 group page for tips on makeup application, skin care advice, contouring tutorials and VIP customer give-a-ways!

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~Be your own kind of be•you•tiful!~