What is a Beachbody Coach? 

A huge misconception about becoming a COACH I want to bring to light!
It is probably the most misunderstood title. Ever.
What is a Beachbody coach? And WHY you might need to become one 🙂

I will get into more of the emotional reason why I am a coach and how it’s the led me down and amazing path further into this message but first…..

“Coaching” has a preconceived ASSUMPTION that you must be in perfect physical shape and have a degree in nutrition, fitness, psychology and business in order to become a member. Lol
You DO NOT have to be a fitness trainer, nutritionist or a competitor/model to sign up to be a COACH with Beachbody’s fitness programs, superfood nutrition supplements, sports performance enhancers or to buy and WEAR our super CUTE workout clothes!

THANK THE LORD because I am NO fitness model and definitely not a nutritionist…..lol!
I LOVED using Beachbody’s AMAZING top shelf QUALITY superfoods nutrition and sport performance supplements, and love the challenge to conquer the next fitness program designed by the latest TOP TRAINER and get INCREDIBLE results, I can’t imagine a life with out #Shakeology (that’s ME 6 years later and still LOVE it) or the new #DailySunshine for my kiddo, it just MAKES SENSE to reap the savings of becoming a member!
It’s was a no brainer!




so WHY become a coach??? Well….. aside  from getting a pretty incredible discount on all of our products I also get exclusive access to the inner workings of the company,  sneak peek’s of new programs soon to be released and notifications about new products coming out, opportunities to be in exclusive test groups for fitness programs not yet released to the public, invitations to events only for coaches that include live workouts with the celebrity trainers…..but most of all if all of THOSE reasons aren’t enough….. I get a chance to make an impact on somebody else’s life.

I get to HELP people, safe people, give people hope for a second chance.


Annnndddd I get REWARDED for it from the company!

Whoa, think about that!!!

The programs gave me results I wanted so it just makes sense to share it with MY friends and family so they can do it too! AFTER ALL I want my LOVED ONES healthy and here for a long time!
I wanted more abundance in my life, flexibility in my schedule, freedom of my time, it just makes sense to have my own #sidehustle business. Hello vacations and spa days!

Sign up

~But do you have to sell? Haha well NO you don’t HAVE to, but YES, you CAN sell  it, earn income by USING it (Yourself) and get your friends and family in THE BEST health and shape of their life!!!

Why not include the people you love the most in your journey with you reversing the havoc of pollutants and toxins in your body, fighting obesity, anti-aging, improving health, feeding your blood cells and healthy nutrition and getting in the best shape of your life!

My sister and I working out together 🙂

me and suzy


Don’t let the fear of “selling” stuff stop you, because really what you’re doing SHARING what you have access to  with other people! You are giving them the GIFT of a LONG life and good health, amazing skin and incredible energy!!!

Selling is sharing and sharing is selling.

You are viving SOLUTIONS.

You are providing a second chance!

You are building confidence.

You are creating relief.

You are being an influence.

You are making a new life.

You are sharing an opportunity.

You are a gift.

You are support.

You are showing results.

You are leading with passion.

You are showing  a Facebook mom who has LOST herself in diapers and spit up, a is DESPERATE for a connection of support outside of her four walls, that she can have the luxury of taking care of herself!
You are sharing to your middle aged coworker wife a new EDGE on SELF CONFIDENCE and to get her sex drive back into her marriage!
You are giving your single mom friend who is living paycheck to paycheck a way to PAY OFF some debt and and room to breathe again!
You are helping your diabetic best friend have a lower glycemic level and LESS OR NO  medication. So they can LIVE A healthier LIFE!
You are giving your mom a healthy heart and a longer life, so she has more years to see her grandchildren!
You are helping your daughter relieved anxiety and sadness from depression by putting healing super foods into her system so she can live a normal happy life!
You are giving your husband a long life with you and your kids and many memories and fun vacations!

YEP! You SHARE stuff, you use stuff and you ultimately transform LIVES, including your own.

Just like a restaurant that sells a meal or a salon that sells a shampoo or a pharmacy that sells a drug.
Yes, you are SHARE….(selling) a PRODUCT that produces RESULTS.

But with that said, I am part of something SO MUCH MORE than JUST a commission paycheck with residual weekly income.

I am SHARING my  PASSION for something I LOVE!~ A healthy lifestyle!


I LOVE to SHARE things! SIGN ME UP!!!!

I personally love that my little sidehustle ASIDE from the fact that I am getting in the best health and shape of my life at 46 years old, improving my skin alleviating my depression and building relationships with some pretty awesome people which for fills me with a purpose much deeper than any job ever has it also has afforded me several family vacations, purchasing of a new home, a vacation home, a new car, ALL MY DEBTS paid off (6 figures) several ways I can spoil my friends and family, charities I can GIVE to and many sleep in days away from the full time grind of a tradition career.

But REALLY why I love being a coach is I am leading the example for my two children. They will model our behavior whether it’s good or bad. I want to be the healthiest and happiest mom I can be for THEM! I want to be around a LONG time and enjoy our life together without the restraints of illness or obesity!

I want them to live healthy happy LONG lives. I want them to see that active living and healthy eating is NORMAL!


A video on this is coming shortly!!!!

I want play with my GRANDKIDS to have tons of energy for THEM! The little moments in life pass so fast! I don’t want to miss a THING!


Does that sound like a life you can handle?



If you are a “Hell yes”  person then you are my kind of people!!!  They say we build a tribe of others just like ourself.  When you surround yourself with people of like minds and aspirations you become unstoppable!

See you soon!


JOIN me in a LIFE of healthy choices!


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