Results-3 day detox cleansing.

For myself, being in my late 40’s and just beginning menopause (yay me-eyes rolling) the whole clean eating thing has been an up hill battle.

Riding the wave of fluctuating metabolism has not been fun. First the energy slows, the cravings come on, then the headaches begin and boom 💥 the belly bloat with 5,10 sometimes 15 unwanted pounds! UGH! Can you relate?

Just like everybody else, I get off track and start adding a little cheat snack here or sugary treat there and before you know it, I feel out of control.

I like to get on top of these issues before they get on top of me by taking a proactive approach and getting a handle on it right away!

When I feel this way I rely on a HEALTHY approach to managing my body and use a system that is SAFE and simple! Whole food based with satisfying supplements. (Not a starvation fast. No thank you!)

I usually do a 3 day “refresher” about every 3 to 6 months even though I eat (mostly, haha)  clean and workout 5 to 6 days a week.

My results vary depending on how the previous 3 to 6 months has been with food choices and sugar intake. Sometimes I lose 8 to 9 pounds, others only 2 or 3. But it’s more about the FEELING that comes afterwards, on day 4! That is really the reason why I keep doing it! So ENERGIZED and REVIVED. I get a whole new motivation!!!

No matter what, I always come out of it feeling so RENEWED! My body clock gets back into rhythm and I sleep like a baby. My metabolism skyrockets and I feel unstoppable! It helps me get back in line with why I WANT to eat clean in the first place- because of how good it makes me FEEL!

This last one I did I had a few friends do it with me and they had some pretty incredible results!

My friend Michelle ” Hi there, I actually lost 5 lbs on the 3 day detox… begin weight 155 now 151!” {No photo} “Waist from 34 to 32, butt 42 to 41 and chest 34 to 32 all inches…”

My friend Heather lost 8.5 pounds…in 3 DAYS with this 3 day system. Pretty AMAZING results!!!

IMG_6122It has helped her kickstart her momentum and her future weight-loss goals!

And lastly, my friend Amber said ” Ok not gonna lie, I was skeptical, never done a cleanse before, I’m down 7.8 lbs😮 insert happy dance💃💃💃💃💃💃”

These ladies did awesome! I personally lost 3 pounds and 2 inches around my waist and  I feel REJUVENATED! Just what I needed to get “back on track” with my nutrition!

A few signs you might need to do a detox cleanse:

•No energy, mid-day crash, always feel tired.

•Restless sleep, insomnia, day time napping.


•Lethargic, brain fog, headaches.

•Always thirsty even though your drinking plenty of water.

•Acne, breakouts, puffy eyes.

•Sugar cravings, soda addiction, junk food-aholic

•Swollen gut, distended stomache, chronic belly ache.

•Achey joints, swollen ankles/wrists, tight shiny skin.

•Can not lose weight no matter how much excercise you do.

•Clean eating and super shakes aren’t  “working” for you.

If you have one or more of these issues then a detox cleanse will do you wonders!

How it works:

3 days of plant based meals with supplements specially designed to gently and effectively cleanse and detox your body, drawing out harmful waste that builds up sludge in your system. Eliminating the harmful toxins that create internal inflammation and cleansing away the waste that blocks proper hydration  in your intestines {which is obstructing you from properly absorbing nutrients.}

This Refresher kit will come with everything you need!

It includes:

3 Fiber Sweep packets. Gently cleans out your organs and removes toxins from your system. Just mix and shake with water.

6 Vanilla Fresh vegan protein drink packets. Provides plant based protein to give you energy and satisfy hunger. Just mix and shake with water.

3 Shakeology VEGAN superfoods nutrition drink packets. Replenishes wholesome nutrition back into your blood stream and tissue giving you energy and nutrients. TASTES GREAT!!!! Just mix and shake with water. (LEARN MORE about what Shakeology superfoods do to improve your health by watching this short VIDEO )

A shaker cup for your convenience.

A recipe book filled with step by step meal prep and directions for your 3 days of plant based meals.

A shopping list guide. {groceries not included}

A free COACH to help you every step of the way (me)  🙂

Here is a direct link to look at all that comes in a 3 Day Refresh kit:

Here is a short YouTube clip that really explains it well.

Let me know if you are ready for a body refresher! I have a private support group specific for this program I will make sure to add you!

If you are READY TO START, click right HERE!

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