You have got to try this!

I hope you have had a wonderful week!
Things have been very busy for me and the new (home) school year, truly stumbling my way through it hahaha!

But one thing that stays a constant for me (and hopefully you as well) is taking care of my health! If mama isn’t healthy and taking care of “self” the rest of life doesn’t seem to go as smooth!
Would you agree?

First, I wanted to make sure you knew about the new CLEAN WEEK launching this week from Beachbody on Beachbody On Demand! It’s a great way to get back on track if you have lost your motivation!
It is designed for any level but especially beginner, to help TEACH you good nutrition and how to keep it simple and how to make fitness fun for you!
Go check it out! Go to and create a NEW customer profile! (Make Sure it reflects me as your coach, that would be super awesome. If it does not let me know and I can show you how to ensure that I am your free coach!)
Now listen, if you aren’t currently subscribing don’t worry you can get a 30 day trial period for FREE and try it out!
I can’t imagine NOT subscribing now that I have seen and used so many of the AWESOME things in there! Hundreds of workouts to pick from, endless meal plans to chose, super fun weekly challenges and even a cooking show that taught me how to make some DELICIOUS meals!
Anyways, the Clean Week is in your BOD library and just launched this week, so it’s the hot topic!


Also, don’t forget to follow the Clean Week Facebook page for more updates!
Clean week Facebook page

Second, I would love to know what your goals are and how I can help you achieve them! I’m here to help!


Thirdly, I wanted to share a mouth watering Mango Avocado Salsa my husband and I made last week! It was so good and so easy, I had to share!
Wrap it in a warm tortilla shell or crispy lettuce leaf with some grilled chicken or fish! Num!
•Grape tomatoes
•Red onion
(See attached photos for full recipe!)

Lastly, this weeks favorite smoothie mix:
Unprocessed cow milk
Scoop of (Chocolate) Daily Sunshine
(Made in a shaker cup)

I know, *Daily Sunshine is suppose to be for kids….. but I guess I’m a kid at heart and who can turn down chocolate?!?
This has been my go-to late night sweet treat that is ACTUALLY good for me! (It has vitamins and minerals and other healthy stuff!)
We have a sampler pack you have GOT to try! Strawberry Banana is the BOMB!!!
Here is a direct link to a sampler pack:

Oh and my daughter loves it too, haha!


In closing, my personal goal for next week is to get 5 solid days of fitness (T25 and ChaLEAN EXTREME) and a day of Yoga for recovery. My nutrition goal is to stay within my calorie bracket (which is pretty high so I’m happy about that!) and having one freedom meal this week of anything I want!

>>>What is your goals for this week? I’d love to know so I can hold you accountable to them and celebrate your achievements!!!

Coach Kris


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