2018 looks Be.YOU.ty full!

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As a Younique Presenter, I’m afforded the freedom and luxury of being able to work from wherever and whenever I choose. And as your personal Presenter, it is my absolute joy to help you find the Younique products that are the perfect match for you. Whether you need a liquid or powder foundation, longer lashes, or a personalized skincare regimen, I know you’ll fall in love with something in these pages. Please contact me if you have any questions. Be beautiful! Be you! Be Younique!


Kristina Christopherson
Pink Status Presenter

As a new presenter myself I really appreciated the value in the presenter kits! So much comes in the $99 “business in a bag”, and a cool bag it is!

Let me clear up one thing though, you DO NOT have to become the neighborhood “make-up” gal to take advantage of a presenter kit, you can nab one up because you LOVE getting the most bang for your buck. (Which was kinda how I originally tried Younique products myself) I have plenty of friends who swiped up these presenter kits for thier own person use, and that is awesome for them!

Don’t get me wrong though, this is also an incredible opportunity to start your very own business! Sounds crazy, I know! But did you know that the only business you NEVER have to worry about getting laid off from, fired, demoted or pay decreased is one that you own! YOU become a business partner WITH Younique when you enroll! It is similar to becoming one of the company “owners” and YOU get complete control how you run your “piece of the pie”.

WATCH this short video as I share more of my personal success with the business in just a short time!

Being a presenter is SO MUCH fun! I use social media to share my results and techniques I learn along the way. People buy from me and some enroll as presenters themselves!

fb sharing

The best part of all I get to make legit REAL income from home! Home is truly where I want to be. I spent 2 decades away from home running a store front business and it was exhausting! I was warn out, stressed out and not living life in alignment with where my heart really wanted to be! HOME.

Where the is a why, there is a way!

work from home

Direct sales is the highest profiting type of business for an entrepreneur because there is NO overhead cost, no advertising needed and no website designer expense, Younique already did that for you! YOU just share your love of the products and your business link with your friends and they order straight from your website, you never have to buy stock, carry inventory and no sorting and delivery of goods, HALLELUJAH! ~Business made easy!~

work from home 1

The cool thing about being an entrepreneur is you are truly your own boss! TOTAL freedom and flexibilty to do life YOUR way! And that FIRES ME UP! Does that fire you up too?

“I love Younique’s products! They’re not only high-quality, and feel good on your skin, but they can also help you feel great about yourself. I love seeing someone discover how our Mineral Pigments, 3D Fiber Lashes, or Lip Glosses can enhance your natural beauty and make you look stunning!”

Christy Clifton Independent Younique Presenter




We have 2 Presenter bag options, let me break them both down for you!

presenter kit eyes

OPTION #1Ultimate Eye Younique Presenter Kit ENROLL HERE 

It contains:

  • Moonstruck 3D Fiber lash, and Lash Enhancer.
  • Moonstruck Epic Mascara.
  • Moonstruck Esteem Lash serum.
  • Moonstruck Precision eyeliner – Perfect.
  • Moonstruck pressed shadow quad palette – Agile, Antsy, Optomistic, Slick.
  • Moonstruck Splurge cream shadow (My FAV!) – Faithful
  • Younique Lash/brow comb.
  • Younique deluxe eye brush.
  • Younique liner/shader brush.
  • Younique cream shadow brush.
  • Younique blending brush.
  • Younique angled shadow/sponge brush.
  • Younique crease brush.
  • Younique Royalty skin care mask sampler – 2 exfoliating, 2 detoxing, 2 oil control.
  • Younique business White satus charm, business card, product cards, promotional cards, catalog, and more!
  • Younique Faux leather purple makeup bag. (It is beautiful btw.)

All of this is a $347 VALUE for only $99!

With your kit you will get a 14 day LOVE IT guarantee and a special thank you card and gift from me as your sponsoring presenter! 🙂

TO ENROLL as a 2018 presenter with this kit click HERE.

presenter kit face

OPTION #2Ultimate Skin Younique Presenter Kit ENROLL HERE 

It contains:

  • Younique rose water spritzer.
  • Uplift beauty serum.
  • Moonstruck esteem lash serum.
  • Younique royalty pore purifying cleanser.
  • Younique hydrating day cream.
  • Younique royalty exfoliating mask.
  •  Younique royalty oil control mask.
  • Younique applicator.
  • Mask sampler pack of 6
  • Younique business White satus charm, business card, product cards, promotional cards, catalog, and more!
  • Younique Faux leather purple makeup bag. (Again, It is b e a u t i f u l ! )

All of this is a $330 VALUE for only $99!

With your kit you will also get a 14 day LOVE IT guarantee and a special thank you card and gift from me as your sponsoring presenter! 🙂

TO ENROLL as a 2018 presenter with this kit click HERE.

I originally signed up to be a Younique Presenter to supplement my husband’s income and to do something I would enjoy, but I also love belonging to a team of women who are simply trying to help other women feel and look beautiful!

Melissa Rydman Independent Younique Presenter

If you are not sure if these kits are the right place for you to start feel free to start small and try ONE item at a time. These are two of my MUST HAVE items! Our Long wearing Moonstruck Lucrative Lip gloss and/or Moonstruck Epic Mascara  they will NOT disappoint you!


WE HAVE A 14 DAY LOVE IT GUARANTEE because we are so confident you WILL love your makeup!

love it

I can not say enough about foundations both our mineral powders and the liquids! As I have gotten older I need more coverage. Hello 40’s. ok LATE forties! 😦

Check out this flawless finish!


My go-to, MUST have, can not LIVE without product is the TOUCH mineral liquid foundation and mineral skin perfecting concealer! It erases years of scars, blemishes and fine lines. It’s like photoshop in a bottle! Foundation BUY IT GIRL!

Touch liquid foundation

Concealer BUY IT GIRL!

Touch liquid skin prefect


Don’t worry if you’re not old like me we have lighter sheer finish tinted moisturizers and light weight mineral powders as well. It really is worth the time to do some window shopping. WINDOW SHOP HERE

Just remember…enrolling as a presenter FIRST will SAVE you so much in the long run! You can buy from your own corporate provided website, earn money back on your own purchased and collect rewards for Y Cash (Free spending money) and HALF off vouchers! CRAZY right?!? And all of that’s without selling a single item to anyone else! IMAGINE the rewards from sharing it with others! My VIDEO explains more about that!

~Aint nothing wrong with a little side hustle!~ Its fun and fulfilling.

Lastly, I want to leave you with this thought; Are you living a life that makes you happy? Are you confident in your own skin, do you feel pretty, worthy, enough? Is your current circle of influence one that lifts you up, inspires you, motivates you? Do you wake up passionate every day about life, your goals, your DREAMS?

What IF you could grab life by the *you know what’s* and run with it? Do anything you want, any time you want and have total freedom and flexibility both in how you spend your time, but also financially! Think about that…


Thank you and Bless you!

Kris 🙂

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