Removing decades, in weeks.

Sounds crazy…I KNOW!


Can you believe these pictures are only over a period of about 6 weeks total. Crazy how much my complexion has improved! Unbelievable really, considering I have used some pretty high end skin correctors in the past and didn’t see this much improvement in such a short amount of time. Plus I liked knowing that Younique uses natural (Gluten free, vegan, organic, minerals etc.) ingredients and is a cruelty free company!

I originally bought the Presenter starter makeup kit for THE makeup, but it came with skin care items included so I figure, what the heck!?! After just 1 week of use I liked the feel of my skin and my texture was rapidly changing! It was getting smoother and my dark age spots were diminishing.

So, I took the plunge and invested in a few other of Younique’s skin care items. The Exfoliating Mask has really been my favorite and the ONE product that has really done the most “erasing” of the dark spots!

I started using the Night-time Correcting Cream every night and noticed a BIG change right away to the surface lines and the overall hydration of my skin! I am also very sensitive to most beauty and skin care products so I am very careful with what I put my trust into, and I hate to waste money on products I have to throw out because they either don’t work as promised or they breakout my skin with rashes.

BTW, I am still using it and continuing to see MORE improvement, I will add updates to my photos comparisons soon!

Trust me, I have tried about every anti-aging product you could name, spent a small fortune on promised results that never came and yes, even those ones all your social media friends talk about. (You know the one)

I found with Younique skin care line I have a top QUALITY product that actually WORKS at a price point I am ok with spending, especially if it delivers the results I am looking for. And, as you can see, it does!

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 5.54.50 PM

They also have a pretty incredible makeup line! Flawless looking, beautifully blended makeup really BEGINS with great skin! Even if you have 40+ years of sun, scars, lines and a few decades of scrupulous lifestyle choices (LIKE I DID! lol!) You can still look amazing and bring out your best features without looking “cakey” or needed a TON of product to cover up an uneven tone!


It literally only takes a few drops to get a great coverage, which in turn SAVES me money!   In ALL ABOUT THAT BASE! I share about my two FAVORITE foundation combinations: The TOUCH Liquid Mineral Foundation and the TOUCH Skin Perfecting Concealer. These are LIFE! (Really! I am dead serious!)

If you haven’t joined on Facebook Be-YOU-ty group here is a link to JOIN and lets get to know each other more! I share by best tips and skin care practices and really like to dig into what you need for your specific situation or desired look. 🙂

Buying each of Younique Skin care line items individially is an option and if you were to start with any I would start with these 3:

Pore Purifying Cleanser  A cooling gel wash with massaging, exfoliating jojoba beads and special blend of nourishing vitamins. Created for normal-to-oily skin.


Exfoliating Mask A gentle yet effective blend of proprietary ingredients combines to cleanse impurities that can dampen your glow. After ten days of recommended use, 90% of individuals said their skin looked significantly renewed and fresher. Unmask your natural vibrancy and keep your skin glowing strong.


Rose Water Spritz You’ll absolutely love the skin you’re in after just a spray or two of this floral, invigorating toner. Created with rose extract, vitamins, and antioxidants, Rose Water Toning Spritz will leave your skin feeling fresh, calmed, and soothed.
My FAV is the Rosewater Spritz!  It smells so good and is so versatile! It heals, it calms, it soothes.
Here is a direct quote from my sister!


Night-time Correcting Cream Make your beauty sleep count with a velvety night cream that helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Whey protein improves the appearance of your skin’s firmness while a vitamin A derivative hydrates and moisturizes skin.


Starting with these basics WILL give you results right away! Wouldn’t be AWESOME to get the most BANG for your buck?!? I am always finding ways to stretch my dollars as FAR as I can without compromising on quality!

In 2018 Younique has bundled together some of these items I have listed ALONG WITH several other of our incredible skin care items, It’s called the Queens Ransom Collection.

This BE YOUNIQUE™ Queen’s Ransom Collection is a must-have for any monarch. Featuring your choice of any YOUNIQUE ROYALTY mask, YOUNIQUE ROYALTY cleanser, and YOUNIQUE ROYALTY moisturizer, as well as a YOUNIQUE ROYALTY rose water toning spritz and UPLIFT® beauty serum, this bundle is a full royal regimen for the most glorious skin in the kingdom.


YOUNIQUE ROYALTY mask – Your choice of detoxifying, exfoliating, or oil control

YOUNIQUE ROYALTY cleanser – Your choice of pore purifying cleanser or moisture boosting gentle cleanser

YOUNIQUE ROYALTY day moisturizer ­– Your choice of hydrating day cream, renewing day cream, or divine daily moisturizer

YOUNIQUE ROYALTY rose water toning spritz

UPLIFT® beauty serum

2018 Collection bag





Backed by our “Love it” GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with any product!

You LITERALLY with have everything you need from start to finish, morning to evening to DRAMATICALLY heal and improve your skin, taking YEARS off, and revealing incredible radiance! Get your Queens Ransom Collection HERE.

Wouldn’t it be cool to earn money back on your own purchases as your own customer? Yes, that can be your reality! Enroll as a presenter and save BiG TIME! To learn more about enrolling as a presenter to save even more on Younique skin care and makeup see last weeks POST, 2018 Looks Be-YOU-Ty Full! It thoroughly explains the opportunity and has a small glimpse into my personal journey with Younique. 🙂

Ok are you ready, really READY to dramatically change the texture and feel of your skin, take decades of “wear and tear” off and reveal the beautiful YOU trapped under the surface? Then girl, Let’s DO IT for you! Get a Queens Ransom Collection and get started erasing the past and revealing new AMAZING looking skin!

I PROMISE you will not regret it!

Kris 🙂

~You are not beautiful like her, you are beautiful like YOU!~

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