I have my *Ultimate Eye* on you!

When you know, you just KNOW! I have fallen IN LOVE and have to share it with the world! Because when it’s right , it’s just right!

y pallette would you wear?

This arrangement of eye shadow colors is soft, elegant and just simply gorgeous!!!


This custom pallete just happens to be in the 2018 Younique presenter kit, sooo I MUST share this with you! What is a Presenter kit? I am SO glad you asked! I’ll get to that just after I share with you that an incredible assortment of brushes is also included,

Y brushes

along with 2 different mascaras (For two different finished looks), y whip lash 3d fiber seteye primer (a MUST HAVE!),

y eye primera delicious cream shadow “Faithful”

631b0a62-c0d1-4b81-a61e-1094f0b2c3b9.pngAND  several other items which I will include further!

But first, let’s talk about “What is a Presenter kit?”

So let’s dive into some details about enrolling as a presenter with this BEAUTIFUL collection of makeup! A PRESENTER KIT is a hand selected collection of our best products of the year packed together and offered at a RIDICULOUS value exclusively for those who enroll to purchase as a “presenter” instead of buying it as a retail customer. It’s like a BIG sampler platter!

Wait, I bet you’re thinking “I don’t want to sell makeup”, “I don’t want to take selfies”, “I am NOT making videos!” Ha ha, thats great because no one is asking or expecting you to!

  • You do NOT have to sell make up, take selfies, share tips, make videos, create a web page or even ever tell anyone you USE our products! lol
  • You never have to pay a “business fee” to become your own best customer. You can be a fan of the products, get the presenter cost, rewards and purchase kick backs and never sell a THING!
  • You can get the insider scoop on new products and first dibs at getting them. Cool, right ?!?

ok, MAYBE you DO want to share your love of make up, take cute selfies and do fun videos? COOL lets talk about that…

All presenters get PAID to play with makeup! You OWN your own online makeup boutique business and get to choose to EITHER earn enough to pay for more products for yourself or dive in big and go ALL IN to build and EMPIRE, the choice is yours! Do me a favor and WATCH this super short 5 minute video that really explains the nuts and bolts of how that works. (FYI, still no fees or quotas!) Just WATCH VIDEO!!! Do it girl!

Sharing Make up is empowering, fun, fulfilling and it always ends with you looking pretty darn FABULOUS!

y 5 picture selfie


Ok, back to the 2018 ULTIMATE EYE presenter kit.

What all comes in it? Let’s go over that now. 🙂


Ultimate Eye Younique Presenter Kit:
Moonstruck 3D Fiber lash, and Lash Enhancer.
Moonstruck Epic Mascara.
Moonstruck Esteem Lash serum.
Moonstruck Precision eyeliner – Perfect.
Moonstruck pressed shadow quad palette – Agile, Antsy, Optomistic, Slick.
Moonstruck Splurge cream shadow (My FAV!) – Faithful
Younique Lash/brow comb.
Younique deluxe eye brush.
Younique liner/shader brush.
Younique cream shadow brush.
Younique blending brush.
Younique angled shadow/sponge brush.
Younique crease brush.
Younique Royalty skin care mask sampler – 2 exfoliating, 2 detoxing, 2 oil control.
Younique business White satus charm, business card, product cards, promotional cards, catalog, and more!
Younique Faux leather purple makeup bag. (It is beautiful btw.)
All of this is a $347 VALUE for only $99!
With your kit you will get a 14 day LOVE IT guarantee and a special thank you card and gift from me as your sponsoring presenter! love it

SOOOOO, are you ready to look fabulous and give this amazing collection a try?

TO ENROLL as a 2018 presenter with this kit click >>> HERE.


Wether you enroll with this kit for personal use or to join my team as a makeup entrepreneur I would be honored to partner with you in looking your most fabulous self!

y be YOU

~ Be your own kind of Be-YOU-tiful! ~


Kris 🙂


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