All of my favorite things!

I have a few non negotiable MUST haves in my vanity and a few FAV-haves as well! I feel it is my duty as women to share them with you, because when you find the perfect lip gloss, foundation or mascara you have to share that news with your girl friends, right?!

I have 3 MUST-haves that I put on before I leave the house, Lips, Lashes and Brows! What are yours?


First up is EPIC MASCARA! Oh em gee! Finding the perfect mascara is about impossible, is it not? Or is that just a problem I endure? Well listen up my friend, I put this wand to the test and it passed my very high expectations! It is tear proof, smudge proof, rain proof, water resistant and even holds up through a hella sweaty workout! GIRL, YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT! 

Oh, and it washes off easily with our cleansers, my favorite is the Pour Purifying Cleanser! >>> We back everything up with a love it guarantee so you really have nothing to lose! And at $24 is it worth it? Ummm, hell yeah, every penny!!!! I’m serious, get some and try it, you will not be disappointed!

My friends love it too!

Fun fact: epic mascara lasted me about 4.5 months with 1/2 coats a day.-Shelby B.


Get EPIC MASCARA and see for yourself!

Ok, Let’s talk Lip Gloss! Lip gloss is my nemesis. Finding the perfect one is like mining for the Hope Diamond. It is almost embarrassing to admit how many I have bought just to toss days later. BUT there is hope and it is the LUCRATIVE LIP GLOSS!


They (Younique) NAILED it with this line! These are so perfect I don’t know if I can even put it into words! They are smooth, long wearing, creamy and shimmery. They currently have 10 colors to chose from, all of them are beautiful and fitting for your favorite color theme. Best of all they are Unscented! Hallelujah! You have to try Lucrative Lip Gloss!

Last MUST have is Brows!

Brows are the fine line between looking like a normal human and looking like a zombie!  LOL, no really though!

y selie hot mess express

Hahaha, In all seriousness though. Brows are the finishing touch to even a *No Makeup* day, sounds Back-Asswards, I know! I am obsessed with the MOONSTRUCK BROW OBSESSION PALLET though! It is like brow sculpting for dummies! It has everything you need, all in one place. Brow color, high lighter, shadow base and even brow wax for the unruly hairs!


Now onto my FAV-haves!

First is the Quad Pallet. For R E A L, where has this been my whole life? It is THE best thing since sliced bread, I am serious! I can not count the shadow pallets I have tossed after my favorite color ran out but the other 6 to 10 colors were unused! Ugh, can ya feel me on that?


Here is an example of one of my FAVORITE rose gold combos! It is so perfect….

FYI if you want to know how to get everything you see in my hand (Quad pallet, Epic Mascara and a Splurge Cream Shadow!) in the above photo, totally FREE….read I HAVE MY ULTIMATE EYE ON YOU, and learn about the 2018 Presenter kit for gorgeous eyes! It is pretty much the perfect set of tools to get you started!


Next Favorite is our TOUCH mineral foundations! I could go on for paragraphs about this but I will keep it to bullet points to save you time.

  • It is actually FULL coverage Mineral makeup. FINALLY!
  • It nourishes your skin as you wear it.
  • It comes in a cream pallet, a liquid dropper and a pressed powder pallet.
  • It is organic, odorless and hypoallergenic. Thank the Lord!
  • It blends smooth and flawlessly.
  • It has a color matching Skin Perfecting Concealer for “Photo finish” coverage.

I could go on and on….


For me and my extremely uneven skin tone, sun spots and thin rutty skin, it is a dream come true for foundation! TOUCH LIQUID and the Skin Perfecting Concealer are my favorite, but I have them all and use them, depending on the day and application I want.


Ok Finally, when you don’t have time for all the fuss but you want a quick clean face….SHINE WIPES are the shizamanizzle!

Aside from all of our skin care line that is AMAZING{READ my post about *Removing decades in weeks!* using the ROYALTY skin care line} Shine Wipes are the ‘get in, get it done, and get out’ wipes like no other…and I have tried them all! SHINE WIPES are just….better!

All new presenters get a free pack of shine wipes from me as a gratitude gift! There is NO obligation to sell makeup, do videos or take selfies! LOL! Read my 2018 looks Be-YOU-ty FULL post to learn all about enrolling as a presenter!

Thank you for letting me share all of my favorite things with you! Follow me on Facebook  and reach out to me anytime!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Kris 🙂

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