A decadent dessert for breakfast that won’t wreck your gym efforts!

FFB4F667-9BD8-4C59-8CD0-85E898509E7BI want to share a deliciously decadent breakfast I get to enjoy every day, WITHOUT worrying if it’s going to wreck all my efforts at the gym!! But before I share this recipe with you, let’s talk about why I don’t have to worry!

TRUTH: balanced portion eating is the root of “diet” success. I really feel the word “diet” is like a bad 4 letter word…but in this instance I am using it more as a reference to a style of eating: healthy, slim, fit, fortified, weight conscious, mindful consumption of food.

Balanced portion eating is ironically why I can enjoy this deliciousness withOUT guilt. There is nothing to be guilty about!

Let me explain…..
It isn’t so much what we eat but how much we eat and I’m not referring to restrictions I’m preferring to portions and proportions. I am no dietitian or nutritionist and I’m not going to pretend to be.
I had to LEARN this and honestly just kind of figured it out recently. Weird I know I’m 47 you would’ve thought I had it figured out by now.
Let me ask you something, have you ever bought a diet plan or paid for a nutrition program but only used it three or four days and gave up because it was to complicated? I know I have. I did that with 21 Day Fix AND the Portion Fix which are really one in the same. I thought I was the only one but come to find out many of my clients felt the same way!

So let’s break it down further. Once I went all in a decided I was not going to keep giving up on my program I invested in so I decided I was going to FINALLY just figure it, and then it became so simple! I was really over complicating it the whole time.

It really comes down to these simple truths.
* You need a certain amount of every food group every day no matter what your goal is. It’s what our bodies need to function at its best. Leave one out and you’re at an imbalance. Even if everything else in your day was healthy, if you left out proteins or healthy fats or carbs you’re at an in balance. So really What it all boils down to is putting everything back in balance. When you’re in balance your body will naturally shed the body fat that it does not need (as emergency energy storage) because you’re providing nutrients it needs to survive through what you’re eating!
* As long as you have all of those nutrients with in the day it doesn’t matter WHEN you had them as much as how MUCH of them you had! So toss the whole “never eat after 7 PM” theory right out the window. It does not apply. You can have all your nutrients first thing in the day or last thing in the day, it doesn’t matter as long as you had all your portions consumed by day end. What a relief right 🙂 Evening time is my favorite time to eat anyways so having a big dinner is no longer daunting!
* Keep your portions consistent with the guidelines for your goals. This does not mean restrict food! It means FEED your body the fuel it NEEDS. Every individual is different so I can’t just tell you “eat 60g of protein per day”. Where you are at now and where you want to be is what determines the quantity of FUEL (food is fuel, remember that!) you will need.  Does that make sense?
I LEARNED what was right for me to hit my health goals (to lose or to gain…) buy using The Portion Fix system! Yes, It took more than one attempt. To be completely brutally honest with you it took me almost 9 start and stop tries to finally get it right. But once I DID, meal planning, meal prepping, and “dieting down” has never been so easy!
If you’re sick and tired of trying to decode all of the diet fads out there rest easy, you never have to worry about it again with The Portion Fix!
Here is a direct link to look it over! http://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/BBportionfix?ReferringRepId=110372


Ok now let’s talk that dessert, I mean Breakfast!


Try these breakfast crepes: 

•2 eggs, add 1/4 cup water and beat together!
Pour a THIN layer Into a medium size fry pan over medium high heat. Make sure your pan is either anti-stick or has a thin layer of coconut oil.
Cook until the egg begins to pull away from the pan then flip and cook another 30 seconds. Remove crepe from pan! (Makes 2)

Place the crepes on a plate, fill with sliced strawberries and bananas. Fold and roll to seam side down.

In a separate glass bowl Add a quarter cup of cream, a teaspoon of organic raw sugar. Beat until fluffy whip cream (about 90 seconds)

Top your fruit filled crapes with whip cream and extra fruit slices, shake some cinnamon over-the-top. I have mine with a side of fresh slice avocado.

Portion Fix meal: 1 Portion protein, 1 Portion fruit, 1 Portion healthy fats, 1 partial portion carbs.
I still have PLENTY of portions left in my day!

E5B46CA6-D1A4-4EA5-BE2C-D3C6CCC7C8F5.jpegFit Smoothie of the week:
Water, ice, Vanilla (Vegan) Shakeology and MCT oil! (Protein and healthy fats!)
If you have not tried the vanilla vegan Shakeology yet it’s pretty AMAZING! We actually have 4 vegan flavors now. Get a 7 Day TRIAL of Shakeology along with our CLEAN WEEK start up!
If you want a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start…just start with Clean Week. This all-in-one nutrition and fitness program guides you through 7 days of simple lifestyle changes to help you eat better, start losing weight, and create new healthy habits. Commit to clean eating, drinking Shakeology®, and exercise, and you can start by losing up to 3 to 5 pounds in just 7 days. When you discover how good that feels, it can be the momentum you need to create a truly sustainable new lifestyle!


Here’s a direct link: https://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/CWVEGANSAM?ReferringRepId=110372

Give it 7 days! You’ll be AMAZED!

Next week  I will cover the topic of healthy fats and why they are so import! So expect me in your inbox. 🙂

My goals this week: My goal this week (like every week) is just to focus on consistency. I commit to five days a week of fitness and eating by The Portion Fix logic! Day 6 and 7 are active recovery and rest day!

Having accountability people in your life definitely makes a huge difference!!! I have face-to-face accountability workout partners and I also have a virtual community for accountability. If you’re feeling like you have no accountability please JOIN as FREE 30 day TRIAL member (or as a CLEAN WEEK member)  SIGN UP CODEhttp://teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/free?referringRepId=110372

In my virtual group we are all using Beachbody workout programs (and varies other forms of fitness!) and following the PORTION FIX eating plan OR the meal plan that coincides with our Beachbody workouts! This might be a great environment to help you gain motivation, stay consistent and get more help from your coach (me) and the others in the group!
People who join virtual accountability groups are 80% more likely to achieve their goal than people who don’t.

What are your goals this week? I would love to hear about them!




You have got to try this!

I hope you have had a wonderful week!
Things have been very busy for me and the new (home) school year, truly stumbling my way through it hahaha!

But one thing that stays a constant for me (and hopefully you as well) is taking care of my health! If mama isn’t healthy and taking care of “self” the rest of life doesn’t seem to go as smooth!
Would you agree?

First, I wanted to make sure you knew about the new CLEAN WEEK launching this week from Beachbody on Beachbody On Demand! It’s a great way to get back on track if you have lost your motivation!
It is designed for any level but especially beginner, to help TEACH you good nutrition and how to keep it simple and how to make fitness fun for you!
Go check it out! Go to teambeachbody.com and create a NEW customer profile! (Make Sure it reflects me as your coach, that would be super awesome. If it does not let me know and I can show you how to ensure that I am your free coach!)
Now listen, if you aren’t currently subscribing don’t worry you can get a 30 day trial period for FREE and try it out!
I can’t imagine NOT subscribing now that I have seen and used so many of the AWESOME things in there! Hundreds of workouts to pick from, endless meal plans to chose, super fun weekly challenges and even a cooking show that taught me how to make some DELICIOUS meals!
Anyways, the Clean Week is in your BOD library and just launched this week, so it’s the hot topic!


Also, don’t forget to follow the Clean Week Facebook page for more updates!
Clean week Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CleanWeek/

Second, I would love to know what your goals are and how I can help you achieve them! I’m here to help!


Thirdly, I wanted to share a mouth watering Mango Avocado Salsa my husband and I made last week! It was so good and so easy, I had to share!
Wrap it in a warm tortilla shell or crispy lettuce leaf with some grilled chicken or fish! Num!
•Grape tomatoes
•Red onion
(See attached photos for full recipe!)

Lastly, this weeks favorite smoothie mix:
Unprocessed cow milk
Scoop of (Chocolate) Daily Sunshine
(Made in a shaker cup)

I know, *Daily Sunshine is suppose to be for kids….. but I guess I’m a kid at heart and who can turn down chocolate?!?
This has been my go-to late night sweet treat that is ACTUALLY good for me! (It has vitamins and minerals and other healthy stuff!)
We have a sampler pack you have GOT to try! Strawberry Banana is the BOMB!!!
Here is a direct link to a sampler pack: http://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/dailysunsampler?referringrepid=110372

Oh and my daughter loves it too, haha!


In closing, my personal goal for next week is to get 5 solid days of fitness (T25 and ChaLEAN EXTREME) and a day of Yoga for recovery. My nutrition goal is to stay within my calorie bracket (which is pretty high so I’m happy about that!) and having one freedom meal this week of anything I want!

>>>What is your goals for this week? I’d love to know so I can hold you accountable to them and celebrate your achievements!!!

Coach Kris




Results-3 day detox cleansing.

For myself, being in my late 40’s and just beginning menopause (yay me-eyes rolling) the whole clean eating thing has been an up hill battle.

Riding the wave of fluctuating metabolism has not been fun. First the energy slows, the cravings come on, then the headaches begin and boom 💥 the belly bloat with 5,10 sometimes 15 unwanted pounds! UGH! Can you relate?

Just like everybody else, I get off track and start adding a little cheat snack here or sugary treat there and before you know it, I feel out of control.

I like to get on top of these issues before they get on top of me by taking a proactive approach and getting a handle on it right away!

When I feel this way I rely on a HEALTHY approach to managing my body and use a system that is SAFE and simple! Whole food based with satisfying supplements. (Not a starvation fast. No thank you!)

I usually do a 3 day “refresher” about every 3 to 6 months even though I eat (mostly, haha)  clean and workout 5 to 6 days a week.

My results vary depending on how the previous 3 to 6 months has been with food choices and sugar intake. Sometimes I lose 8 to 9 pounds, others only 2 or 3. But it’s more about the FEELING that comes afterwards, on day 4! That is really the reason why I keep doing it! So ENERGIZED and REVIVED. I get a whole new motivation!!!

No matter what, I always come out of it feeling so RENEWED! My body clock gets back into rhythm and I sleep like a baby. My metabolism skyrockets and I feel unstoppable! It helps me get back in line with why I WANT to eat clean in the first place- because of how good it makes me FEEL!

This last one I did I had a few friends do it with me and they had some pretty incredible results!

My friend Michelle ” Hi there, I actually lost 5 lbs on the 3 day detox… begin weight 155 now 151!” {No photo} “Waist from 34 to 32, butt 42 to 41 and chest 34 to 32 all inches…”

My friend Heather lost 8.5 pounds…in 3 DAYS with this 3 day system. Pretty AMAZING results!!!

IMG_6122It has helped her kickstart her momentum and her future weight-loss goals!

And lastly, my friend Amber said ” Ok not gonna lie, I was skeptical, never done a cleanse before, I’m down 7.8 lbs😮 insert happy dance💃💃💃💃💃💃”

These ladies did awesome! I personally lost 3 pounds and 2 inches around my waist and  I feel REJUVENATED! Just what I needed to get “back on track” with my nutrition!

A few signs you might need to do a detox cleanse:

•No energy, mid-day crash, always feel tired.

•Restless sleep, insomnia, day time napping.


•Lethargic, brain fog, headaches.

•Always thirsty even though your drinking plenty of water.

•Acne, breakouts, puffy eyes.

•Sugar cravings, soda addiction, junk food-aholic

•Swollen gut, distended stomache, chronic belly ache.

•Achey joints, swollen ankles/wrists, tight shiny skin.

•Can not lose weight no matter how much excercise you do.

•Clean eating and super shakes aren’t  “working” for you.

If you have one or more of these issues then a detox cleanse will do you wonders!

How it works:

3 days of plant based meals with supplements specially designed to gently and effectively cleanse and detox your body, drawing out harmful waste that builds up sludge in your system. Eliminating the harmful toxins that create internal inflammation and cleansing away the waste that blocks proper hydration  in your intestines {which is obstructing you from properly absorbing nutrients.}

This Refresher kit will come with everything you need!

It includes:

3 Fiber Sweep packets. Gently cleans out your organs and removes toxins from your system. Just mix and shake with water.

6 Vanilla Fresh vegan protein drink packets. Provides plant based protein to give you energy and satisfy hunger. Just mix and shake with water.

3 Shakeology VEGAN superfoods nutrition drink packets. Replenishes wholesome nutrition back into your blood stream and tissue giving you energy and nutrients. TASTES GREAT!!!! Just mix and shake with water. (LEARN MORE about what Shakeology superfoods do to improve your health by watching this short VIDEO )

A shaker cup for your convenience.

A recipe book filled with step by step meal prep and directions for your 3 days of plant based meals.

A shopping list guide. {groceries not included}

A free COACH to help you every step of the way (me)  🙂

Here is a direct link to look at all that comes in a 3 Day Refresh kit:

Here is a short YouTube clip that really explains it well.

Let me know if you are ready for a body refresher! I have a private support group specific for this program I will make sure to add you!

If you are READY TO START, click right HERE!

Kristina Christopherson

Friend request me: http://www.fb.com/krisbeautyfit

email me: christopherson.kristina@gmail.com


What is a Beachbody Coach? 

A huge misconception about becoming a COACH I want to bring to light!
It is probably the most misunderstood title. Ever.
What is a Beachbody coach? And WHY you might need to become one 🙂

I will get into more of the emotional reason why I am a coach and how it’s the led me down and amazing path further into this message but first…..

“Coaching” has a preconceived ASSUMPTION that you must be in perfect physical shape and have a degree in nutrition, fitness, psychology and business in order to become a member. Lol
You DO NOT have to be a fitness trainer, nutritionist or a competitor/model to sign up to be a COACH with Beachbody’s fitness programs, superfood nutrition supplements, sports performance enhancers or to buy and WEAR our super CUTE workout clothes!

THANK THE LORD because I am NO fitness model and definitely not a nutritionist…..lol!
I LOVED using Beachbody’s AMAZING top shelf QUALITY superfoods nutrition and sport performance supplements, and love the challenge to conquer the next fitness program designed by the latest TOP TRAINER and get INCREDIBLE results, I can’t imagine a life with out #Shakeology (that’s ME 6 years later and still LOVE it) or the new #DailySunshine for my kiddo, it just MAKES SENSE to reap the savings of becoming a member!
It’s was a no brainer!




so WHY become a coach??? Well….. aside  from getting a pretty incredible discount on all of our products I also get exclusive access to the inner workings of the company,  sneak peek’s of new programs soon to be released and notifications about new products coming out, opportunities to be in exclusive test groups for fitness programs not yet released to the public, invitations to events only for coaches that include live workouts with the celebrity trainers…..but most of all if all of THOSE reasons aren’t enough….. I get a chance to make an impact on somebody else’s life.

I get to HELP people, safe people, give people hope for a second chance.


Annnndddd I get REWARDED for it from the company!

Whoa, think about that!!!

The programs gave me results I wanted so it just makes sense to share it with MY friends and family so they can do it too! AFTER ALL I want my LOVED ONES healthy and here for a long time!
I wanted more abundance in my life, flexibility in my schedule, freedom of my time, it just makes sense to have my own #sidehustle business. Hello vacations and spa days!

Sign up

~But do you have to sell? Haha well NO you don’t HAVE to, but YES, you CAN sell  it, earn income by USING it (Yourself) and get your friends and family in THE BEST health and shape of their life!!!

Why not include the people you love the most in your journey with you reversing the havoc of pollutants and toxins in your body, fighting obesity, anti-aging, improving health, feeding your blood cells and healthy nutrition and getting in the best shape of your life!

My sister and I working out together 🙂

me and suzy


Don’t let the fear of “selling” stuff stop you, because really what you’re doing SHARING what you have access to  with other people! You are giving them the GIFT of a LONG life and good health, amazing skin and incredible energy!!!

Selling is sharing and sharing is selling.

You are viving SOLUTIONS.

You are providing a second chance!

You are building confidence.

You are creating relief.

You are being an influence.

You are making a new life.

You are sharing an opportunity.

You are a gift.

You are support.

You are showing results.

You are leading with passion.

You are showing  a Facebook mom who has LOST herself in diapers and spit up, a is DESPERATE for a connection of support outside of her four walls, that she can have the luxury of taking care of herself!
You are sharing to your middle aged coworker wife a new EDGE on SELF CONFIDENCE and to get her sex drive back into her marriage!
You are giving your single mom friend who is living paycheck to paycheck a way to PAY OFF some debt and and room to breathe again!
You are helping your diabetic best friend have a lower glycemic level and LESS OR NO  medication. So they can LIVE A healthier LIFE!
You are giving your mom a healthy heart and a longer life, so she has more years to see her grandchildren!
You are helping your daughter relieved anxiety and sadness from depression by putting healing super foods into her system so she can live a normal happy life!
You are giving your husband a long life with you and your kids and many memories and fun vacations!

YEP! You SHARE stuff, you use stuff and you ultimately transform LIVES, including your own.

Just like a restaurant that sells a meal or a salon that sells a shampoo or a pharmacy that sells a drug.
Yes, you are SHARE….(selling) a PRODUCT that produces RESULTS.

But with that said, I am part of something SO MUCH MORE than JUST a commission paycheck with residual weekly income.

I am SHARING my  PASSION for something I LOVE!~ A healthy lifestyle!


I LOVE to SHARE things! SIGN ME UP!!!!

I personally love that my little sidehustle ASIDE from the fact that I am getting in the best health and shape of my life at 46 years old, improving my skin alleviating my depression and building relationships with some pretty awesome people which for fills me with a purpose much deeper than any job ever has it also has afforded me several family vacations, purchasing of a new home, a vacation home, a new car, ALL MY DEBTS paid off (6 figures) several ways I can spoil my friends and family, charities I can GIVE to and many sleep in days away from the full time grind of a tradition career.

But REALLY why I love being a coach is I am leading the example for my two children. They will model our behavior whether it’s good or bad. I want to be the healthiest and happiest mom I can be for THEM! I want to be around a LONG time and enjoy our life together without the restraints of illness or obesity!

I want them to live healthy happy LONG lives. I want them to see that active living and healthy eating is NORMAL!


A video on this is coming shortly!!!!

I want play with my GRANDKIDS to have tons of energy for THEM! The little moments in life pass so fast! I don’t want to miss a THING!


Does that sound like a life you can handle?



If you are a “Hell yes”  person then you are my kind of people!!!  They say we build a tribe of others just like ourself.  When you surround yourself with people of like minds and aspirations you become unstoppable!

See you soon!


JOIN me in a LIFE of healthy choices!


The Shift Shop experience.

I will admit I was a little scared to try it!


I am 46 years young {soon to be 47} and these knees just can’t handle high intensity training styles we see in massive quantities today as the “end all” to your fitness solutions.
#CrossFit, #tabata and #HIIT training is great and all but I need something different.

Something to shift my body and MIND into a place of feeling empowered by my COMPLETION of each workout rather than defeated by my failure to keep up with those young and resilient guys and gals in the fitness videos.

Do ya feel me?

If you are like me….

In your late forties, are sick of being STUCK in a plateau for what feels like foreveeeerrr, you work full time and have kids running you in circles, a hubby with a weird work schedule making eating on a schedule damn near impossible well, then you are just like me!

oh wait…..you are suuuuuper picky about food, hate to meal prep and are super LAZY about cooking…hahaha we are soul mates!!!


Hahahahah, wait one more…..your 7 Dwarf’s of life Achy, Cranky, Bitchy, Bloated, Sleepy, Hungry, and PMS’y24/7 all show up at random daily totally sabotaging your attempt at getting your ass in shape??? OH HELL YEAH girlfriend, I hear ya!!

Although I haven’t completed the entire program yet I am loving what I’m doing so far and feel so motivated to keep going!
And NO knee pain! Yay!!


Here is my FIRST week results! Whoa…I really could not believe my eyes until I put the side by sides together!

week one shift shop

I have been stuck in rut for what felt like forever! Working out 6 days a week for at LEAST and hour or MORE every time! Drinking my super shakes and my protein powders and making my best attempt at “eating clean” hahaha

I wasn’t all that sure about the whole “less is more” when it comes to fitness but I HAD to TRUST the system! And I did, and it works!

Nutrition is everything… I and say again in capitol letter….EVERYTHING! Super shakes are still in my plan {Hell yeah!!!} and so is my protein…but in the RIGHT format for fueling me to burn fat and keeping me FULL and satisfied at the same time…so I don’t get ravenous and start binge eating or get CRAVINGS that send me BACKWARDS in my results!

Let me break this down more for you and how it works…..

It is a three phase progressive cardio and strength training program designed to maximizes your results regardless of your AGE or fitness level.

The UPLIFTING and effective workout created by new Beachbody super trainer Chris Downing helps customers achieve visible results and lose up to 10 pounds in 3 WEEKS!!!
Accompanied by a UNIQUE nutrition plan to coincide with the Progressive training style designed to FUEL you and keep you burning fat! I LOVE to eat so food is important to me!
I am fully confident that if you are NEW to Fitness and want something you CAN complete and want to feel motivated by a trainer who genuinely cares then this is the program for you.

That being said, I am also incredibly excited that this is SO versatile, that if you are wanting a fitness program to take you to the NEXT level, this program will shift your intensity into high gear and take you to your PEAK performance!


You will also be able to STREAM this entire program and all the material  content…So hold on to your panties, I’ll explain more of that in a second….


Here is a quick video of my FIRST day trying the workout program in my garage. I used hand towels for markers and used the option to modify some of the moves.  {This video is on high speed to save you time} WATCH: https://youtu.be/cCUSDx89m0c

​I am condensing down the *Stuff* I have so I opted for the ON DEMAND access so I could watch from my Ipad rather than loading up a DVD…plus we like to travel so I can take all the content with me on my mobile devices! {HUGE selling point for me!} I DID order the markers separately because I want to be part of the cool kids club. hahaha
YES Kris, I am READY to go ALL IN and want a RAPID rebuild! Give my the nutritional support SUPERFOOD, the SHIFT SHOP program and an ALL ACCESS pass to hundreds of other AWESOME programs Beachbody has made for a full YEAR, dang near FREE!!!!


I have REALLY had great results and extra ENERGY in my workouts using the *Performance Stack supplements! My recovery is faster, my endurance goes longer and it really helps me to get MOTIVATED in the morning!

YES Kris, I want to get the FULL package including performance supplements to sharpen my focus, boost my energy and speed up my recovery


YES Kris, I want the DVD set, with a nutrition book I can hold in my hand and all the tools I need for success, oh and my free coach 🙂 Lets do it!!!

YEP, You guessed it…^^^CLICK THIS, IT IS A DIRECT LINK^^^

Ya don’t want high powered super shakes or AMAZEBALLS performance supplement? Ok no problem…..although I highly recommend that you DO because lets face it if you’re gonna do, DO IT all the way. {That is how I roll though}


YES Kris, I WANT the to REINVENT myself and start NOW but ONLY want to fitness program at this time!


Lastly, I want to invite you to the VIP customer experience, totally complimentary as a gift to you as your FREE coach! All my preferred customers get exclusive access into my private Facebook group! Daily motivation, constant accountability and weekly check-ins with you on a personal level!

OH one more thing….Do you love a good SAVINGS? Not those 10% kind but the ones that REALLY give you a savings! Get enrolled as one of our 25% off of EVERYTHING people!!! IT just makes TOTAL sense to SAVE money and is REALLY the SMARTEST way to buy! ENROLL NOW

YES Kris, I want the mack-daddy saving, like NOW!!

Now HOLD ON , before you see the “sign up as a coach” thing and RUN the other way with your hair on fire desperately trying to get away from this conversation, I would first ask you to LEARN MORE <<< {Click this and read it} about what that actually means before you say no. 🙂

If the time is not right, I totally get it, (Trust me, that has been me SO many times) So I am NOT here to judge you about it! BUT I would love to continue to build a relationship with you and keep you in my inner circle so when you ARE ready, we can get you started.

Plus I want to make sure you have some great tips, tasty recipes and know when my next events and special offers come around, so please join my super fun email list! I PROMISE I will NOT blow up your inbox with spamy ridiculous emails (I really hate those myself!) Let’s just stay in touch. 🙂

YES Kris I want to stay in touch! SIGN me UP!


I hope to see you soon in my VIP challenge group!


Kristina Christopherson

JOIN ME in a LIFE of healthy choices!

Virtual Coach, Momtrepreneur, Success Mentor!


I have successfully completed two weeks of this program and beginning my third week. So far the meal plan has been fantastic and so easy to follow. I don’t feel that it’s monotonous or cumbersome to manage which has always been to major struggles for me in the past trying to have success with any structured meal plans. I’m visually seeing results right away which makes me VERY happy. I think we all always want immediate results it’s a natural “instant gratification” need. I love that I am already seeing changes!!!!

And although I am only two weeks in and of course the changes are small to begin with I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I feel. My energy level is up my cravings are completely GONE and I’m sleeping great. But more so, I feel very accomplished! I love how motivating the trainer Chris is! I leave every workout feeling like I’ve just totally kicked some ass!

I have had to modify a few moves but I know as I become stronger and build my endurance I will no longer need to modify. I’m feeling great and looking great I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks brings!


More updates to come!

Final completion of SHIFT SHOP- dropped 5 pounds, shredded out some body fat and definitely increased muscle tone!


My sister has also been working out with me. Here is her update from a post I made on my social media.

“Shout out to my sister Suzanne who has been coming over faithfully twice a week and working out together with me using Beachbody On Demand!
She is down 5 and 1/2 INCHES and has dropped 5 PERCENT body fat! 🙌🏻

We started with SHIFT SHOP last month and are now progressing onto ChaLEAN extreme 💪🏻 and Turbo Fire 🔥. She has been drinking shakeology superfood daily {as breakfast} 🥛and following a metabolic diet plan designed by Sagi (Body Beast) Kalev the rest of the day.

She has an extremely high stress desk job as a 911 dispatcher and sits sometimes up to 16 hours a shift per day! So needless to say her metabolism slowed WAY down, her cortisol levels went WAY up…resulting in significant weight gain, diabetes getting dangerously out of control and numerous other health problems. ☠️

Her sedentary job has made for achy joints and weak muscles ultimately making sleep difficult, walking sometimes painful and not to mention any exercise at all was defeating and frustrating. 😰
We finally have her on the road to PROGRESS and the momentum started! 🤸🏻‍♀️

This week we increase to 3 days a week!

Her metabolism has increased, her cravings {from stress} have decreased and her aches are diminishing. No more limping away from her desk.
Her energy levels are UP and her sleep has greatly improved! {Making for a happier life} AND her diabetes is leveling out.
It might not SEEM like huge changes in these pictures {although I can see them} but if we could only see what is happening on the INSIDE!

The process of excercise, cleaner eating, superfood drinks, and the evolution of ones “transformation” isn’t all about what the number on a scale or what someone looks like on the outside, it’s about the havoc happened INSIDE! {skinny people can be horribly unhealthy too!}

The day to day grind is killing people who don’t or WON’T make the effort or take the time to make their body {their health…..their LIFE} a priority.

Maybe I’m just biased because she is my big sister, but It matters to me that she is healthy and sticks around for a lot more years. ❤

For more info on how you can get signed up and get started WITH the help of a VIRTUAL coach, have meal plans you can CUSTOMIZE and have a PROVEN fitness program that WILL get you results, visit kristinachristopherson.com or message me.

P.s. YOU do not have to come over or even live in the same state as me (she just happens to live down the road) to get started. 😉

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