Complexion Perfection, Finally.

Lets face it, not everyone was “blessed” with great skin, youthful genes or skin that ages gracefully. Even the 3 decades I have been working out, eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle didn’t help what was inevitable; wrinkles and aging skin. Boohoo!


Luckily, I am able to “fake” flawless skin with what I call my “magic eraser”. lol!


This little tube of goodness is my life saver! Topped with the dropper bottle of  liquid photoshop and holy cow, we have warped into a new dimension of smok’in hotness.

Touch liquid skin prefect

I know your probably thinking “oh, some Tammy Faye Baker makeup” (are you even old enough to know who that is?) y’know, the caked on look. Yikes!

OH HECK NO! I would not use this product if it gave that finish nor would I suggest it to anyone!

Here is the thing. I am picky, ok. I am somewhat of a makeup snob. I don’t mean the “I have to buy over priced name brand cosmetics that all the runway celebrities wear” Kind of snob. I mean the “I want QUALITY makeup that also DELIVERS that look I want and I want it AFFORDABLE.”

SO BASICALLY I WANT IT ALL. HAHAHA! Funny thing is I do have it all with Younique.


The Touch foundation, with Glorious Primer and Skin perfecting concealer is the triple threat to an  A M A Z I N G finish. Then, set it all with the Behold Setting (Spray to powder) and you just took it all to the next level. Seriously, Oh Em Gee!

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